Thursday, December 18, 2008

So, what do you mean?

It seems that it is an opportune time to explain the state of Gooford, as well as defining really what on earth Gooford is. The blog has been stagnant, but the time has been used to figure out the beginning of our direction and our pursuit.


There is so much out there that does not get noticed, whether it is a nuance or something marginalized. Embracing this reality and bringing issues to light are the ideas that Gooford will embody.


Gooford is not me or someone else, it is a perspective that is shaped by the embrace of culture, and the good within all people.


All of this will be taken in the most lighthearted way possible because reality is already blunt enough.


Because this stage of the idea is about defining, then we must dive into what defines our culture and what is around us. Keep in touch with things. 

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