Monday, January 5, 2009

Peace and Mullet Grease

Bigger is better, Manifest Destiny lives, and capitalism and materialism define an identity that is America. Indulge as much as you please in this society wherever, at a buffet or a mall. Thank the Lord for the economy bringing us back to the root of what matters, people. Gooford is moving to Spain. In order to truly appreciate and intentionally experience what is in store, we must define what is America. Then we can vividly see the dichotomy in the cultural boundaries. Instead of taking the easy way out, we took the pathway that would lead us to understanding these American ideals. Its name is I-40. 

Oxford, MS to Orange County, CA is 1,876 miles. The trip took us through the Ozarks of Northern Arkansas, through the barren wasteland and densely native Oklahoma, to Shamrock, TX, to Santa Fe, NM, to the Grand Canyon, arriving at the paradigm of bubble lifestyles in Orange County. Experiencing the culture, the people, and the quaintness in America gives me a pretty good idea of what we are. I may not always look like everyone I come across. Some people tend to have more body odor than others, or look like me in the 90’s, but in the end people are people. Although many of us find identity in our culture as well as a level of comfort, that should never get in the way of people being people and interacting without deprecation or prejudice.

-Gooford S.

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noble | roble said...

word up to the Gooford! Finally someone has recognized truth and that needs to be a drastic change; and what timing, with the economy in the dumps. We have a real opportunity to get back to our roots of what we enjoy and not have to spend exponential amounts to gain freedom. Props Goof, lets hear somethin about the promised land of Spain now...