Friday, January 23, 2009

Wake Up

so people. who ever is out there. this is appropriate for two reasons. gooford is back, but never really got started, so wake up already! And arcade fire is a finer thing of life. 

Wake Up from gohn on Vimeo.


noble | roble said...

who would have thought Canada would be the source for all things that are good in the scheme of musical talents... very nice find gooford!

Anonymous said...

gooford. i need some attribution on my amazing ending to that poem.glad to hear you like spain!

Little Kitty said...

for all who are wondering, gooford is pronounced goo ferd but obviously spelled differently. A little history with this title...Gooford's brother was looking for Gooford around their small home in the country. Gooford could not be found. After searching for hours, Gooford was found high above the town on the water tower ladder. To wrap this story up quickly, he fell and well...we will leave it at that.

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