Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Am not!- AM TOO!

And so here we meet, all together, very different but all the same in that fact. (thanks ryan). Spanish has been enlightening on so many levels. Beyond the basic need to breakdown the communication barrier, I have learned so much about myself and my tendencies through the mirror of language. Samuel Fernandez, my spanish teacher explained to us that in Espana, people are more apt to use the present tense juxtaposed against the tendency of Americans to speak in the future and the past.

Take a step back, now why does this even matter, and what are the implications?

First, calm down, its going to be fine. Secondly, let's examine our own culture. So much of what America is founded in is focused on prospering, and excelling in hopes of a fulfilling life down the road. People working to retire (and then enjoy life) or get to gray hair and tell stories all day long.

Something called life happens in between all of that static. There is never enough family in Spain. Lunches for 3 hours, joking, chatting, and the world comes to a halt for it. Most of you can count on one hand how many times your family has gotten together in the past year. Most of the time, it is simply tolerated.

"But I have to work, to get things, to make money, to have a family, and leave them content."
Just show up and be there, that is where it's at.

By golly, just give everyone a chance to prove themselves.

So go make a jello mold for your neighbor. Everyone deserves a thumbs up.

Ciao- Gooford.

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