Friday, February 13, 2009

alright already. vale ya!

first. new jams- Bon Iver. check that

second. just got back from barcelona. PICS are taken there minus the flamenco  (Corlita). incredible.

third. quote of inspiration and then a big ol' update

Alright Goofordites,

Permission for a ex nay on the Gooford-a , and pausa conmigo. Let’s talk me, in Spain. Me perdido ( I lost myself). My mind wanders. I am trigged by the sound of a native tongue.” ¡Oye! Como se va a…” I have arrived. She obviously hadn’t yet, because she was consulting the apparent Sevillano local for some directions on her whereabouts (and it has happened multiple times). So I figure I better live up to my billing.
It has been one month (mas o menos) in Sevilla. Ups, downs, alredadores, y todas las cosas entre. Let’s get this straight; Spain and I are great together, like peas and carrots. We both enjoy the following: art, music, community, education, people, architecture, fun, food, style, and so on. Don’t be fooled, at first she was my date to the middle school dance. Arms extended to ensure ample distance and awkwardness. This is not because we were afraid, but because it is all so unfamiliar. Now, flamenco.

Speak of it; flamenco is a flawless art form. As far as ability and understanding, I lack both. It is far beyond my grasp. It embodies enigma at its essence. It seems the level of passion is so high that if the dancers approached each other closer they might explode.. It has been a long ways coming, but I decided to present myself to the Spanish world and take a leap.
It is rather intimidating at first to approach the Spaniards. Plus, I am not even funny here, kind of a bummer. I just act like the natural goofball that I am and hope for the best. I think naturally I have done well for myself with it. The beauty of it all is that in being so basic, they have to except me with no front at all, just as I am, and as vulnerable as I’ll ever be.

I am definitely figuring out why I’m here. Walking everywhere is glorious (pasear not caminar). I have really learned to enjoy the time in between plans. Stale time isn’t dead time. I’ve seen the beauty of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to the Cathedral in Sevilla, both distinctively ornate. The beauty of the place is unparalleled. Having a language barrier just lets me enjoy being in the moment with people and enjoy their company.

I acknowledge the parallels between us that collide perpendicularly. The beauty is real. The looks, the fashion, the glasses, the high-tops, and just a flat out way of composing themselves, it is all beautifully done. Inside the core of all this is a sense of brokenness in most. There is void in the hearts of many. Beautiful cathedrals, no one inside. For the most part, there is not where to turn for most. Be praying for this.

I can be something different; beyond my own natural and flawed ability. I’ll let you know how all of this plays out. So what is your purpose? Why even get out of bed today? The future is very intriguing here, much more ambiguous than back home. No structure. I delight in this insecurity. Life is happening in more place than one.



noble | roble said...

Depth, courage and intentionality. it seems as though Gooford has embodied the spirit of 'living freely' and damn well if I might add.

This post has given those who live back home, or anywhere for that matter, the true essence of humanity's brokeness. Gooford mentions cathedrals with no one in them; that is the analogy of people walking and not living. We've reached a tiping point, an intersection. Gracias amigo, por encontrar lo que necesita lo maz compasión y entendimiento, la comunidad de España.

¡Que te vaya bien!

Little Kitty said...

i enjoyed this seemingly graceful article. For a minute it took me a while to put my paw on it and then out of nowhere it hit me like a sack of cat litter "JD is growing!"

¡Puedo ir al baño! in the cat litter box of course...