Sunday, April 12, 2009

Recap Attack: Paris

So, let me just start off by saying there is nothing like good company. It has been incredible getting to meet people, people who know people I know, strangers, and the whole bit. We got to meet up with a couple friends dear to our hearts, Graham and Mary. Also it was a pleasure to meet many of Robert’s friends Clemson. What a blast.

Paris never seizes to disappoint. This was my second adventure into this grand city; this time about 4 years older and with a level head (perhaps). If there is a city that I love getting lost in, it is Paris. Eclecticism defined, there is always something new to dive into, whether art, music, gastronomy, or just living. I couldn’t be more content. We dominated crepes and bakeries could not handle us. We could not handle them. The feelings were mutual.


To all the naysayers, I’m here to be a proponent of the Frenchies. They were good to me, and provided an excellent experience for all. No me puedo quejar.


What an excellent time seeing all the sites, and everywhere we walked, I just was taken back by every ambient surrounding.  Whether a monument or an office building, it was all so spectacular. Versailles was so peaceful. The ostentatious presentation of royal regalia was ridiculous. The garden is what did me in. I got to pretend to be a professional photographer. Good convo, good cafĂ©, it was real.

 The picture to the right is the typical spirit of protest manifested in the people of Paris---------------------->

Topped things off with a day of just me, wandering and exploring. It was due justice, as a city like Paris deserves that individual attention. I am dying to go back, pronto!

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