Sunday, April 12, 2009

Recap Attack:Granada

Hooray, Mom’s in town! It was such a blast getting to spend some time with her in Spain; such a surreal experience. I did my best to give her an experience a la Espanola, and I think it lived up to the hype I gave it (minus erasing all of her pictures). We spent the weeke

nd strolling through Granada. What a place. The Alhambra was spectacular, seeing a flamenco show in a cave was as well. Our aimlessness in this far out place really was incredible. I feel like Mom stepped up to the plate when it comes to trying some new stuff, although I couldn’t talk her in to trying the bull’s tail (which is actually pretty solid if you ask me). Also, I got to be her sorta, kinda, not really, licensed guide through Sevilla.


I was really taken back by a couple things: Foremost, this life in Spain, well, has become my reality. It felt like she was infiltrating my reality. I have not forgotten that there is another life at home; I still care about it. It’s more of an issue of knowing that things are going to be okay back home, because I have faith in it.


Secondly, my Mom is rad. She does not get enough credit. She was such a good sport and really willing to go with the flow. It’s cool growing up and to watch your relationship with your parents evolve into more of a friendship. They have done all they can up to this point to raise me well, and now it’s time to let loose; it is up to me. So know we just have a blast and be as nostalgic as ever, just for her sake. Times were good then and they are good now, so let’s keep the jams rolling.

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